Benefits of becoming a teacher with Peak Physique Hot Yoga

Yoga is the fastest growing health industry in the world. You can start instructing as a Peak Physique Hot Yoga instructor today, even if you haven’t taught yoga before! Our Yoga Teacher Training, known as our ‘Master Yoga Certification’ course is Australian renown and your certificate will allow you apply to teach in Peak Physique Hot Yoga or externally.

  • Become fitter and healthier, reducing the risk of major diseases

  • Job satisfaction with improving other peoples lives

  • Rewarding new income

  • Learn about nutrition, how the body works, and the Ayurveda principles of yoga

  • Discover who you are and make more time for yourself

  • Get certified by Peak Physique Hot Yoga as a strong, quality and qualified teacher

  • Your certification will give you the fitness based approach to yoga

  • Become certified in Yoga & Hot Yoga

  • Get first class access to teach at any of our Australia wide franchises Peak Physique

  • Become a member of our Platinum Certified Teachers Group where by you have access to job availability within Peak Physique